The Fabric of My Life

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The Fabric of My Life

For the love of fashion, written words, music, love and pretty much everything to do with everything. The fabric of my life.

"So we'll just let things take their course and never be sorry." -Fitgerald

Lord, bless our week. Allow us to use our wings, they need some exercise.
There are days we don’t feel our best and we allow ourselves to let fear take over. Days like this it is important to understand that we are worthy-worthy of the dreams we envision, the careers we strive for and the love we yearn. Affirm your wishes and grab hold of your beliefs. We are worthy of that which we seek.
I will never be the smartest or the prettiest girl, but I will always be me. That’s beauty. Love yourself.
A Cup of J.
Excited about the journey I’m about to embark. Here goes nothing…#50cupsofcoffee
Stuck @ Starbucks
Locked my keys in the car after a productive night.
A Coffee Hombre.
Nutella Coffee from Cafe Crepe in Santa Monica